The company

The VIVIRAD Group is a French owned entity created in 1984.

The founder and President General Manager is Michel LETOURNEL, who was Director of the Accelerator Service at the Strasbourg Nuclear Center from 1959 to 1989.

The large experience of the Group comes from VIVIRAD-HIGH VOLTAGE CORPORATION, formerly known as High Voltage Engineering Corporation (HVEC), the oldest American accelerator manufacturer, who built and installed over 2,500 accelerators worldwide.

The Group consists in several companies, each one having its specialty and its own implantation. The group manufactures Electron Beam Systems from 300 KeV to 10 MeV, installs and services them worldwide since 1950.

Over 320 units are in service for various industrial applications.

VIVIRAD offers high quality Electron Processing Systems®, incorporating over 50 years of design and operating experience in the high-voltage particle accelerator field. The result of this effort is superior equipment performance and reliability.