Cross-linking, Polymerization, Vulcanization, Curing & Grafting

wires, tubes, sleeves, rubber sheets, fabrics, ...

Environmental remediation

Nox, So2, HAP, H2S and metallic ions flue gas clean-up. Endocrine disruptors, medicinal molecules, bacterio wastewater clean-up.

Sterilization, Sanitation

Single use medical supplies. Bio hazardous wastes. Packaged food  and seasonal crops.
  • Cross-linking, Polymerization, Vulcanization, Curing & Grafting

    Over 85 % industrial E-beam facilities world wide are dedicated to polymers processing .

    It is a convenient, economical and sometimes exclusive method for vulcanizing, polymerizing, curing or crosslinking patchworked polymers, thus generating original molecules at heavy throughputs from organic compounds to new products needs.

    Every crosslinkable structure can be crosslinked using minimal energy from energetic electrons.
    This intrusive ability to mix various material performances is exclusive to physical cross linking.

    It opens a wide spectrum for new material developments with enhanced characteristics and high added values under the control of smart polymer engineering.

    Multi stage processing is another feature available to complex product engineering such as EV wiring, multi conductor cables or tyres manufacture.

    VIVIRAD cumulates a significant top of the edge experience at your service.

  • Environmental remediation

    High energy electrons are amazing tools for breaking organic molecules weak bonds.

    In water, it results in generating a highly reactive OH, O and e° solution that can eradicate very massively track elements from wastewater plants release such as endocrine disruptors, medicinal molecules or biological pollutants even under very low concentrations.

    Higher doses will break long organic chains into bio accessible molecules and eliminate a significant fraction if not all of most chemical pollutants such as pesticides or organochlorines.

    Gases from incinerators or fossil energies can very efficiently be purged from their SO2, H2S, NOX, organochlorine and metallic contents using high energy electrons.

    Vivirad developed and patented a specific gas scrubbing reactor which converts in a single step all initial gas pollutant contents into marketable ammonia based fertiliser solutions.

  • Sterilization, Sanitation

    Several service centers and industrially integrated units are consistently using high energy electrons to sterilise packaged products. Throughput capacity per kW beam is impressive (1 to 2 ton/kGy/hour) when the beam penetration matches the process requirement.

    Thicker products / packaging units calling for electron energies above 5 Mev may find a seducing alternative for heavy volumes and stabilized capacity through X-ray processing.

    VIVIRAD developed a fully automated X Ray Processing System offering a 50 Ton/kGy/hour capacity for industrial sterilization of hazardous medical wastes, of single use medical supplies or of various types of packaged items.

    Seasonal crops, dried spices and fruits can be processed for preservation or export purposes.