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In the cable industry, new normative regulations are coming up to preserve the ozone layer in the atmosphere. In fact, the insulating material PVC used in cable releases halogen vapours which injures the ozone layers, when it is burnt. It concerns mainly the construction of public buildings, the transportation and all the public areas. An alternative for PVC is the cross-linked polyethylene, PE-Xc

This E-Beam processing system is 2 I.C.T. 1 Mev-50 mA on an extrusion line to produce automotive cable at 700 m/min.

This installation is used to treat various sizes of cables. I.C.T. 2.5 MeV - 40 mA allowing to treat many cable sizes.


The treatment of tubes has gained a fast growing interest throughout the world in the last decade.
Facing the environmental issue towards the using of traditional PVC compounds or metallic-made water piping network and its associated expensive costs, manufacturers now tend to choose a clever alternative by proposing new products to the whole market : PE tubes.

This technology has lead to a new product : the plastic sanitary tube for hot and cold water handling. These tubes replace the old copper ones and are also right for house heating specially when they are burried in the house floor. It is a low cost and long-lasting product that is easy to handle.

This processing line is dedicated to the crosslinking of PE tubes.
Equipped with a 1.5 MeV - 80 mA - V Style I.C.T., this Electron Processing System can process 200 m/min of Æ 16 mm sandwich pipes.